How do email filters work?

Email Filters work to monitor your email inbox for certain criteria. These criteria are then used as a filter to send leads to correlating campaigns based on the specifications that you provide inside your account. 

Filters can be built to narrow down your results for emails received from a specific address, the time a lead is obtained, where a lead comes from or based on certain words in the subject line or body of the email.

You can use quotation marks to group words into phrases that will allow the filter to look for a set of words together rather than individual words.

Filters can be built with AND, OR, and "-" (exclusionary), to further narrow down your filter results. If you need help to create a custom filter, please reach out to Support.

To search for dog AND cat use quotes around filter terms like  "dog cat" to filter all emails containing dog and cat.
To search for "dog" OR "cat", add the word "or" between filter terms like  "dog" or "cat" to filter all emails containing dog or cat.
To search for "dog" BUT NOT "cat", add a "-" before the term you don't want to match like "dog -cat" to filter all emails with dog but not cat.
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