How can I improve delivery rates of emails?

There are a few ways that you can improve your email delivery rates. 

Provide Value

Answer a question or solve a problem for your lead list in your emails. When the content is of value, the email will get opened at a higher rate. 

Pay Attention to the Subject Line

Inside Agent Legend we have already set up a 44 character limit to help. A short, to the point subject line, that addresses a problem or offers something of value will always have a higher open rate than one that doesn't meet these standards. 

Stick to a Schedule

Send your email follow-ups regularly but not too much. This allows your lead list to know who you are and to expect the emails, especially if you are providing value. 

Sort and Refresh Your Lead List

Sort your leads based on their needs and engagement level. This allows you to engage more frequently with interested leads, while only occasionally following up with older leads that you don't usually hear back from. Doing this also allows you to tailor your message to different lead lists, which will increase the rate at which they are opened. 

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