Where can I find my contact settings?

Contact Settings include your Followup Email, Followup Email Signature, Outgoing Phone Number, Mobile Number, Working Hours, and Followup Settings. 

You can find your Contact Settings by signing into your Agent Legend account and clicking on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Learn a little more about each of these settings: 

Followup Email

This email is used as the "From" address when sending emails through Agent Legend. Any lead responses via email will be forwarded to this address. Emails sent to you at this address can also be used to set up integration filters under the "Integrations" tab.

*The Followup Email address cannot be an alias or distribution list email and requires the ability to log into the inbox directly within Agent Legend.

Followup Email Signature

Here you can easily set up your email signature within Agent Legend. Click the button to "Update Signature" and enter the information you would like to have appear in your signature. The tabs on the left will allow you to add a personal image, links to social media, review pages, and even customize colors. Just click Save when you are finished.

*If you prefer, you can also switch to Manual, using the tab at the top to add a more custom signature.

Outgoing Phone Number

This is your Agent Legend phone number. It is the forward-facing number for all of the outbound correspondence from Agent Legend and the mobile app. It allows Agent Legend to track the responses from your leads and stop the campaign automatically when they reply.

We allow you to select your preferred area code to ensure the number is local to you. If you need to change your area code, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Mobile Number

This is the number that you would like to have SMS and calls routed to if you haven't downloaded the Agent Legend app. To verify this, you must be able to accept standard SMS text messages.

Once you've downloaded the mobile app, calls and text messages will no longer be sent to this number. If you would like calls or SMS texts routed to your phone again, there is a toggle within the app to turn forwarding back ON.

Working Hours

This setting allows you to customize the times that Agent Legend will send follow-ups. You can adjust the time zone you're working in and times that you're available. When a lead comes in outside of your working hours, we'll start them on your campaign the next available day.

Followup Settings

The name and mailing address here is required and will be added to the bottom of your emails from Agent Legend to ensure compliance with CAN/SPAM regulations. The address can be your home or business address but must be a valid mailing address for you.

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