How do I record a custom voicemail for my campaigns?

To edit a voicemail followup, first click the campaign tab and select the campaign that you would like to work on.

From there, click into the voicemail followup: 

You can either follow the steps under "Record a New Message" to call in and record your voicemail from your phone or you can click the "Upload a New Recording" button to upload a pre-recorded audio file from your computer. Most agents will record a message via their phone. 

To add a new voicemail followup to a campaign, just click on the red plus button and select Voicemail. There you can record your voice or upload a pre-recorded message, and change the day that the followup happens on. 

Adding a new voicemail follow up will require for you to choose the time and day  you want this message to be sent in order for the follow up to be saved. 

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