What does it mean when my campaign says "Needs Attention?"

If we detect that a campaign is not set up properly, incomplete, or unoptimized, we'll let you know. Campaigns will display detailed messages concerning areas that may need attention. 

For example, if you create a campaign and forget to record a voicemail, you will see the message, "Needs Attention", at the bottom of the campaign. Inside the campaign, you will see another message at the top stating, "It looks like you need to record voicemail before this campaign can run." 

5 reasons you may see the "Needs Attention" message:

You need to add followups to this campaign for it to send.
To fix this you will just need to make sure your campaign has followups (voice, email, or text). Most of our campaign templates have prebuilt followups scheduled at the most optimal intervals. However, if you have created a new campaign without followups, you may see this message.
You need to add a lead source (integration) to this campaign.
You may not have leads flowing into this campaign yet. You'll need to create an integration and that integration will need to have sent leads into the campaign. After 5 leads have been sent to the campaign, this message will go away. Note: if you are not using any integrations and just adding leads manually, you'll see this message too. It will disappear after you have added at least 5 active leads.
It looks like you need to record voicemail before this campaign can run.
While you can usually run a campaign without recording custom voicemail messages, it is not recommended. Your response rate will be far below that when you actually take the time to record a voicemail using your voice. Once you record a custom voicemail for all voice followups, this message will go away.
This campaign will not send until it is populated with leads.
This message should be fairly straightforward. It's just saying there are no leads flowing in. Maybe you have not created an integration yet. However, if you are expecting leads to be coming in and you've created an integration for the campaign, you should check this out.
This campaign is currently paused. Turn it on to send followups.
Lastly, this message is straightforward. You can turn campaigns on and off. If you see this message, that means your campaign has been turned off and it will not send any followups when it is turned off. Simply, go to the detail page for the campaign and toggle the on/off switch. You can also toggle directly from the campaign card on the Campaigns dashboard.

Below is an example of a campaign that needs a voicemail recording. The messages you see may vary. However, they will always be one of the five reasons listed above.

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