What is Auto Nurture?

Auto Nurture is a long-term campaign that runs in the background following up on the leads that never got back to you. So, you can focus more time and attention on the leads that have responded and let us worry about the ones that haven't responded back to you just yet!

You can access it by clicking the Auto Nurture tab on the left of your Agent Legend dashboard. Just turn it ON by clicking the red "OFF" button and record your voicemail below:

When a qualifying lead finishes your Agent Legend campaign without responding back to you, they will automatically be sent to the Auto Nurture program. You can see the list of leads who've been added to Auto Nurture previously by clicking on the number in the top right corner.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions regarding Auto Nurture:

1. Does it work for Buyers AND Sellers?

Currently, Auto Nurture is geared primarily for buyers. However, there is a toggle switch on every campaign where you can decide which of your campaigns feed into Auto Nurture, and which ones will skip it. If you have any non-Buyer campaigns running you may want to turn that switch off. It's located in the top right corner of every campaign.  Campaigns with the toggle On will feed into Auto Nurture; any campaign that says Off will not.  

2. How often will my leads receive followups from me?

Leads are nurtured every 3 to 4 weeks using our own specially designed campaign that's continually being optimized and improved to get you better responses. It's totally hands-off for you, aside from recording one voicemail. (The voicemail just allows us to further personalize it for you!)

Please note, the SMS messages that send with the campaign do have some minor typos in them.  This is intentionally designed to increase the chances of getting a response from your client since small typos make the messages a bit more personal and appear less automated.

3. I primarily sell real estate, will this work for me?

Right now Auto Nurture assumes all your prospects are home buyers. If your leads are primarily Sellers then you may want to turn it OFF.  However, some users choose to leave it running in spite of this because a slightly confusing message can be useful for starting a conversation with a potential client who has failed to respond to other messages. -- We do have plans to enhance Auto Nurture for other types of leads in the future.

Please Note

**Auto Nurture is only available with Premium.
***Auto Nurture will only accept leads created with an email or CRM integration. It does not accept leads added manually, uploaded via CSV, or sent from Zapier. Leads who've responded previously will never be sent to Auto Nurture.

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