What is a "hot" contact?

A hot contact is someone that has been identified by you or our SmartLeads machine-learning technology.

You can toggle the hot icon on the contact card and the contact detail pages. It's the small icon that looks like a campfire. Here are the rules for SmartLeads to automatically marking your contact as hot. Positive Response from Contact
  • Hot: 3 quick responses from contact with positive sentiment
  • Not Hot: After 30 days of no action, SmartLeads will auto-remove the hot status
Likely Mover
  • Hot: SmartLeads detects your contact is likely to move within the next 3 months
  • Not Hot: After SmartLeads detects your contact has moved or unlikely to move
Manual Trigger
  • Hot: You manually toggle the contact as hot
  • Not Hot: You manually toggle the contact as not hot. SmartLeads will never remove the hot status if it was manually triggered.