Can I add video to text messages?

Adding a video to your text message followups is a great way to quickly introduce yourself. 

To manage your SMS videos, click the button "Add Video" within the text message followup.

This will take you to the  "Your Videos" page (direct link -, where you can upload new videos right from your phone or computer. Be sure to give your video a name you'll remember and after it's been uploaded successfully, it can be found within your video library and used on ANY future SMS followups.

Last step. To attach a video, return to edit your text message and select your video. The video you uploaded should be there (if it isn't, try refreshing the page and check again).  

We recommend choosing a video that will work well for SMS messaging.  As such, it's recommended the length is under 15 seconds. Your video CAN be longer, but when it's compressed for sending via SMS, the quality will be lowered. If your first priority is the quality of your video, using Email to send your message will allow for larger videos and higher resolution.

Please Note:
**Video quality is restricted by phone service providers to limit data pushed to users prior to their consent. Agent Legend is limited when it comes to ensuring your videos are delivered at the quality in which they appear. Always test your video SMS messages before sending it out to your leads.

***Video quality can also be affected by the recipient's phone. All Agent Legend text messages are sent via SMS, and iOS devices do not fully support that format, due to using their own proprietary messaging system.
****List of compatible SMS video formats: 'mpeg', 'mp4', 'mov', 'webm', '3gp', '3g2', 'h261', 'h263', 'h264'