How do I create a custom email signature?

Setting up your email signature within Agent Legend is very easy. There are two ways to create an email signature. Use the Generator or Manually create one yourself. 

If you already have an email signature you want to use, toggle over to the manual tab and paste in the HTML of your existing signature. 

Otherwise, complete the following steps to have a generated signature created for you.

After you create an email signature, it will automatically be added to the bottom of each of your email followups that are sent through any campaigns. There is no need to manually append a signature in your followup messages.

If you opt to use a manually created email signature, you're on your own. We cannot support manually created signatures. Unless you've tested it already, it may not work on all email clients. However, the signature generator will create a signature that we've tested across 50+ email clients to ensure it will work flawlessly.