How do I create an email integration?

Creating an email integration to automatically import contacts is easy. This is a great way to manage your contact flow in one place. The Email Integration will look for Lead Notification Emails that are sent to either your Followup Email, or your Integration Email.

This tutorial assumes you have already created your first campaign. By default, all new Agent Legend accounts are created with a default campaign. If you've deleted that, you'll need to create a new campaign, and then come back.

  1. Click   Integrations in the main menu. This is found on the left side of your screen (on a desktop computer).
  2. Click the New Integration button at the top of the screen.
  3. Select your Lead Source from the select options (this should be who is sending the lead notification email to you).
  4. Then select the appropriate Email Filters so those contacts are distributed to the appropriate campaigns. As you apply filters in the dark gray section, you'll see the filtered results in the right column. Keep working with the filters until you see the contacts that match.
  5. Next, select the appropriate campaign in the Add Campaign section.
  6. Lastly, click on Create Integration. You're done!