How do I get the most out of the mobile app?

The Agent Legend mobile app is the best and easiest way to ensure visibility on contact responses, manage your contacts, and follow-up with them manually.

The app is available in the app store for both iPhone and Android. Be sure to have this downloaded first and then log into your account. 

Check your phone settings to ensure you have push notifications for the Agent Legend mobile app set to "Allow". With notifications turned on, you will receive a notification anytime a contact responds back to you. 

You can call and text your contacts directly from the app. 

When a call comes through the app, you'll see the contact's name, and you can pick up the phone and address them directly. Just like you would if you were sending the campaign messages manually the whole time.

The app is also helpful when you are working with others as a team.

You can have your assistant download the mobile app onto their phone. They can log into your account and will also receive notifications on contact responses. This will allow them to follow-up on messages for you. When your contacts reply to a followup, this will be visible to you within the app as well, so you will know the contact has already been followed up with. 

All of the communication sent from within the Agent Legend mobile app will show up as coming from your Agent Legend phone number on the recipient's phone.