How do I send existing contacts from Follow Up Boss?

Connect a Tag in Follow Up Boss to easily send contacts to an Agent Legend campaign. Here are two methods:

CRM Integration Method: 

  1. Create a tag in Follow Up Boss to use for this purpose and apply the tag to a test contact. Give it a name to help you remember what it does.
  2. Under the Follow Up Boss Integration Settings, connect your FUB API key and be sure to enable the option to Import New People: 
    (if the option to Import People from Follow Up Boss is not available, skip to the method using Zapier below)

  3. Inside Agent Legend, create a new Integration.
    1. Select Follow Up Boss as your lead source and the radio button for CRM. 
    2. Add your Tag to the filter exactly as it appears in Follow Up Boss and select the campaign you would like to trigger.
    3. Click to create your integration. That's it! 

When the tag is applied to contacts in Follow Up Boss moving forward, your contacts will be sent to the campaign automatically. This applies to contacts assigned to your FUB user (API Key); Contacts that are assigned to other users in FUB will not come over using this method. 

Extra Support

When tagging leads from FUB using this method, it's best to send no more than ~15-25 contacts per day. This will help keep you under the account limits and being flagged as spam. 

If you're needing to send a bulk list of contacts, we recommend using the CSV upload method. This will allow you to upload all the leads in one go and Agent Legend will automatically throttle the leads into the campaign at a rate of 50/day. 

Zapier Method:

If the contacts are assigned to other users in Follow Up Boss, or you encounter limitations with the CRM integration, we recommend using Zapier to connect your tag. Here are the steps:

  1. Start with a test contact in FUB. 
  2. Create a new tag in FUB and assign this to your test contact. This new tag will be used to send contacts to your campaign in Agent Legend, so be sure to name it something you'll recognize for this purpose.  For Example: Agent Legend - "Name of Campaign"
  3. Create a new Zap with FUB as the trigger step and Agent Legend as the action step.

Once the Zap is completed, anytime your new tag is added to a contact in FUB, Zapier will trigger, sending the contact over to your campaign in Agent Legend automatically! 

Note: When using Zapier to trigger leads, tag them in smaller batches of 15-20 contacts per day. Contacts sent to Agent Legend from Zapier are subject to 50 per day queueing.