Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can import?

Sort of! Agent Legend has a limit of 50 contacts per day that you can import manually. Anything beyond the first 50 that are uploaded in a day are then queued to be imported on subsequent days.

This limit does not include contacts that you receive via email or through any CRM integrations. The CSV import function is available so that you can easily import smaller contact lists as needed. Example: If you have a contact list of 200, you can break that up into four CSV files and import the entire list over four days. 

We have a 50 per day limit because Agent Legend isn't geared towards importing large contact lists of potential contacts. Our primary focus is to help agents connect with their live contacts, in an authentic way, and on an ongoing basis. 

This limit of 50 contacts per day applies to contacts that are imported via a CSV, typed in manually, added via Zapier, or existing leads that are manually moved into a new campaign. The limit is reset each calendar day.  

This limit does not include the number of contacts that you receive via Email or through CRM integrations.  Every contact you receive directly from your contact sources will still be entered, even if you receive well more than 50 contacts a day from them.