SMS Best Practices

Navigating the world of text message compliance can be tricky, but we are here to help!

Compliance best practices to maintain high deliverability:

Manage your text message frequency:
      • Limit the number of texts you send to any particular lead in a single day - best practice is one text per day; Agent Legend allows you to send two texts to the same recipient in a 6 hour period.
      • Limit the total number of texts sent from one phone number in a single day 
      • If you are looking to contact more than 200 leads in a single day, consider adding an additional phone number to your account. 
      • Include emails and voicemails in your campaigns to diversify your outreach.
Be mindful of your text message content:
      • Keep it short and sweet! Longer messages are more likely to be filtered as spam.
      • Include compliant opt-out language in your texts. Did you know Agent Legend has a feature that automatically rotates your opt-out language to make your texts more personal and less automated? 
      • Review your messages to limit certain keywords that are often flagged as potential spam.
        Examples include: Affordable, Apply now, Call now, Cash, Compare rates, Consolidation, Debt, Free, Get started, Guarantee, HELOC, Investment, Loan, Lowest price, Instant, Money, Offer, Purchase, Quote, Rates, Refinance, Refund, Save, Score, Terms, and Urgent.  
      • Maintain a professional and friendly tone - carriers use AI to read messages and may flag aggressive texts as spam.
      • Abide by opt-out requests. Agent Legend will automatically archive contacts who respond with stop or click unsubscribe via email, but you can also archive contacts who request to opt-out using other language or methods
Respond to your text replies:
      • If a lead responds to your text message, be sure to text them back!
      • Even if the lead isn’t interested, your message response helps reinforce with the carriers that you’re a real human being, not a spam robot.
Complete your A2P 10DLC registration:
    • We make it easy to complete the A2P 10DLC registration process! 
    • Completing your brand and campaign registration is critically important for maintaining your deliverability.
Navigating the world of text message compliance can be tricky, but we are here to help! Any of the above behaviors can impact your text message deliverability. If you are experiencing issues with your message deliverability, consider implementing these best practices. If you would like to learn more or discuss your individual compliance needs further, please reach out to us at