What is a followup unsubscribe message?

This opt-out message help ensure compliance with TCPA.

To comply with texting regulations, you need to do two things when contacting someone via text until they reply to you:

  1. Identify yourself and your company.
  2. Give the recipient a way to unsubscribe from your messages.


The Followup Unsubscribe Message helps to maintain compliance with TCPA regulations.

By default, Agent Legend will automatically roll through 4 different variations of the message to ensure this appears less automated. You can set a custom static message if you prefer.

This message is auto-appended to the end of the campaign text messages. To help with continued message deliverability, telephone carriers want this to be explicit. Specifically, informing the recipient of how to opt-out and exactly what replying with STOP will do. 

Once a contact responds with STOP, they will be archived automatically.

This is not optional. Once you have their response, the opt-out message is no longer required.

Here's a sample message.

This is Bob White with White Realty. Do you want to schedule a showing of 123 Main St? Let me know, and I'll book us a time. Reply with STOP to unsubscribe.