Campaign Reporting

Use Agent Legend's Reporting to track your campaign performance, make improvements, and get more responses from your leads.

Where can I find my campaign reporting?

You can find your campaign within your Agent Legend account, on the left side navigation menu. Click "Reporting" and select your desired date range to review your campaign performance data. 

What's the difference between my Dashboard and Reporting? 

Your Dashboard shows account summary and usage information, including the number of leads you've contacted in the past 30 days, your queued contacts, the number of contacts that will be contacted today and tomorrow, and your average response rate across all campaigns in the past 30 days. 

Reporting shows your detailed campaign performance over a selected date range, including:

  1. Contacts: the number of contacts added to that campaign over the date range.
  2. Response Rate: percentage of contacts that have texted, emailed, or called in response to a message in this campaign. This number excludes opt-outs. 
  3. Email Open Rate: percentage of emails in this campaign opened by the contacts. Note: this includes data starting in April, 2024.
  4. Email Click Rate - COMING SOON: percentage of emails in this campaign with a link clicked by a contact. 
  5. Time Saved (hours): estimated time it would take to manually send the messages in this campaign to the added contacts.
  6. Opt-out Rate: percentage of contacts that have opted-out or unsubscribed during this campaign. 
  7. Undelivered Texts: percentage of texts not delivered due to carrier text message filtering. Why does this happen?

What are some of the ways I can use my reporting to improve my response rates?

  1. Compare response rates by campaign to help assess what type and frequency of communication is most effective with your contacts. 
  2. Compare response rates from different lead sources as an input to measure the quality of the lead source. 
  3. Identify campaigns with higher unsubscribe rates and carrier text message filtering. Implement these SMS Best Practices to help keep your campaigns and messages effective and compliant. 
  4. Compare email open rates to help determine which email subject lines are most effective. 

What benchmarks should I aim for within the reporting dashboard?

Lead nurturing performance measurement is not "one size fits all" and can vary significantly based on the type of lead and the lead source. E.g. a follow-up long-term nurture campaign may have a much lower response rate than a campaign for new leads - that's okay and expected! 

To help you understand where your campaigns stack up, we've included color coding within the dashboard reporting for the following metrics:

Metric Review & Improve (Red) Performing Well (Green)
Response Rate < 10% > 25%
Opt-out Rate > 20% < 5%
Undelivered Texts > 25% < 10%

As a reminder, these benchmark thresholds apply to most but not all campaigns.

I still have questions about my reporting. How can I learn more or ask questions? 

If you'd like a walkthrough of the reporting, please attend our Office Hours (office hours are hosted every 1pm Eastern on Tuesday and Thursday). Click to Join the meeting or Save to your Calendar with this link. 

Alternatively, please feel free to reach out to us at and we would be happy to answer your questions.