What is the Mandatory Carrier Registration?

The A2P (application-to-person) SMS registration helps to maintain compliance with new mobile carrier regulations.

Telephone carriers have launched an initiative called: US A2P 10DLC; a national registry of business phone numbers designed to build trust with carriers. Registering your brand and Agent Legend phone number with A2P provides an opportunity to improve call delivery, reduce carrier filtering risks, and develop insights into the health of your Agent Legend phone number.

The registration consists of identifying who you are and what type of messages you're sending. 

The Agent Legend A2P intake form takes just a few minutes to complete and registration is currently estimated at about 5-7 weeks. This form collects information about your business, including legal name, tax ID, and contact for an authorized representative; as well as information about your campaign usage, including how you gather contacts' opt-in, sample campaign messages, and SMS unsubscribe language.

A one-time fee associated with the registration will be assessed, as this is a paid service add-on. Please contact our compliance team for information regarding the fee as it applies to your account before submitting for A2P registration form.

We appreciate your patience while we work through these regulations together. We can't wait to see the benefits this increased trust and transparency will provide. Thank you for your continued partnership!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our compliance team for assistance. 

Teams: Team registrations only need to be submitted one time, and will be completed as a group.

Canada: Canadian mobile providers may implement registration requirements in the future but have not announced any plans to do so