Limit of 200 Contacts per Day

Each Agent Legend account can contact up to 200 individual people in a 24-hour period.

What is the 200-per-day limit?
This limit is based on the number of people contacted, not the number of followups sent.  You can send those 200 contacts as many messages in a day as you'd like, but sending a single message to 201 contacts in a 24-hour period will cause that last message to fail. Any failed messages will not be reattempted.

This limit helps to ensure compliance and prevent your account from being flagged as SPAM.
The 200 contacts per day limit applies to each account and is a hard limit. 

How can I avoid reaching this limit?
The 200-per-day limit is typically uncommon to encounter, but it can be a good problem to have. This limit is impacted by a number of factors: The length of the campaign and frequency of messages, the number of contacts you have coming in from other sources and running on other campaigns, as well as the number of contacts who respond and do not continue to receive messages the following day.

If you are reaching this limit consistently, here are some options we recommend:

  1. You might consider changing the campaign. If the campaign is really long or sends messages over several consecutive days, the contacts who've continued on the campaign will impact this total. You can try shortening the campaign or reducing the number of messages.
  2. Spacing out your uploads. Consider selecting 1 or 2 days of the week to perform smaller uploads and allow time for the campaign sequence to finish or for more contacts to respond. This depends on your preference.
  3. Set up a secondary Agent Legend account. If you have a large volume of contacts, the best way around this limit is with a different email and phone number. Each account can reach up to 200 contacts per day.

How can I restart contacts who've missed followups due to this limit?
Once your account is past the 24-hour hold, you may want to restart any contacts who've missed too much of the campaign. Here are the steps that we recommend for restarting these contacts

  1. Stop the campaign individually for them.
  2. Duplicate the campaign and make sure to turn the new campaign ON.
  3. Then, move the leads into the new campaign.