How do I connect Follow Up Boss to Agent Legend?

Follow Up Boss helps real estate professionals manage lead conversion and sales follow-ups. Using Agent Legend and Follow Up Boss together allows you to interact with and track leads at the speed and volume required in today’s market, without sacrificing authenticity and focus. This Follow Up Boss integration will increase your efficiency and enable you to deliver an unparalleled experience to all of your clients.

Follow Up Boss Integration Uses and Benefits

  • Import new leads from Follow Up Boss directly into your already existing Agent Legend campaigns
  • Stop your Agent Legend campaigns when a person responds in Follow Up Boss to easily avoid a duplicate follow-up
  • Add notes to people in Follow Up Boss every time there is a communication in Agent Legend to increase follow-up efficiency
  • Pause your Follow Up Boss Action Plans when a prospect responds in Agent Legend to easily avoid a duplicate follow-up

How to Connect Follow Up Boss:

First, copy the API Key from your Follow Up Boss account under the Admin Tab, here: 

Within Agent Legend, click the Profile Icon > Settings > Integrations at the top and select Follow UP Boss from the list of CRMs. Paste your API Key and click "Update Settings":

From there, you'll have 5 options available to customize the way Agent Legend interacts with Follow Up Boss:

The first two options will add new leads to Agent Legend as they're created in Follow Up Boss automatically.

Finally, create a New Integration for Follow Up Boss to ensure Agent Legend knows what campaign to send leads to. Select the Integrations Tab and click the button for New Integration. Select Follow Up Boss as your Lead Source and CRM, as shown below. At the bottom, select the campaign you'd like leads to be sent to from the dropdown and click to Create Integration:

The CRM Filter here is optional, but you can add additional criteria to filter leads and send them to respective campaigns in Agent Legend. For example, leads with the source "Website" in FUB can be sent to a campaign tailored just for your website leads. However, keep in mind that any criteria added to the filter must be information associated with the lead at the time of creation. If a tag or stage is assigned to the lead in FUB after it is created, any filter for that tag/stage will not pull the lead into your campaign.

That's it! -- Be sure to record your voicemails and turn your campaign ON. The next new lead added to Follow Up Boss matching your filter will automatically be added to the campaign selected.

Please note: 
**This integration will not pull any existing leads from Follow Up Boss. If you would like more information about sending old or existing leads from FUB to Agent Legend, the steps can be found in the video here.